Let Agile Fly ... BULLSEYE


Last year there was a very popular Chinese movie titles "Let the Bullets Fly". The name of the movie was the hero's tagline. Every time he shot at something he would say "let the bullets fly a while" then the bullets would strike the target dead center. So what does this have to do with Agile? In recent years agile has become a hot topic. Almost everyone is saying "We are Agile" or "We are going to be Agile". It is good to help more and more people to know agile but to some degree it also resulted in many misunderstandings about Agile. The theme of this year's China Scrum Gathering is to try to share the realities and to focus on core Agile values. To gain the benefits of Agile adoption takes time. We need to aim true and to be patient: to "let our Agile bullets fly for a while". 


The China Scrum Gathering borrows from Jurgen Appelo's "Management 3.0" model and will share experience and stories from eight perspectives:  Value, People, Functionality, Quality, Process, Tool, Time and Coaching. Everyone is welcome to join  and share your experiences with Scrum and Agile so that we can all track truer to hit the bull's eye.


That's the vision of the coming Scrum Gathering China 2011, to be held on June 24-25 in Shanghai. The Gathering was initiated by a group of Chinese agile community contributors, and is a community event in nature. It is from the agile community and for the community agility. It is a self organized conference with an expected 400-500 number of participants. 




Value - Digging out hidden TREASURE

Remember the movie National Treasure? A small team worked together, following clues and trying to find a well hidden treasure. The same thing happens on agile teams, who also endeavor to dig out treasure -- value -- for their clients. It is the most important; it is the team's mission! Join this track and share stories about how to find and deliver value.


People - The key to being GREAT

Ocean's Eleven. Are they the best team in your mind? Each of us may hope to work in such a team - everyone with their unique skill, great teamwork, and the will to never stop short of the goal. How do you build such a team and achieve great success? Join this track and find some intelligent suggestions about building great teams.


Functionality - Choices: a part of LIFE

My dream car is the Bumble Bee in Transformer. It is so COOL and has all of the features I want. But I know it is just a dream right now because it is too expensive and some technologies are not yet invented. So I bought a Peugeot 307. It looks nice and I can drive it anywhere. Sometimes when we develop a software it is very similar. We have to make choices based on some limitations. Making the right decision is important for the business success, hence, I think you won't want to miss the sessions in this track.


Quality - Get things DONE

La Grande Vadrouille (虎口脱险) is one of my favorite movies. I vividly remembered a scene where a French guerilla is planning to assassinate a German general but fails because of a disabled bomb. Many times we may have a great idea but we still fail due to poor quality. Quality is the foundation of establishing a relationship of trust with the client; but it is often the first thing missed or sacrificed. In this track we will discuss how to avoid such mistakes, how to take pride in our work, and and how to delight the customers through the frequent delivery of valuable software.


Process - The golden RULE

Every time I watch the movie of "The Lord of The Rings"  I enjoy the highlights at the end of the movie. It provides lots of detailed information about how this great film was created. It was a complex project and in order to have good collaboration and efficiency some necessary rules were set up like how to decide on the final design of the props, Gan Randolph's pipe, for example. Whatever type of project, we need some agreements to bind the team and help them to work together smoothly and efficiently. In this track we will talk about such agreements and the rules of Scrum.


Tools - Sharpen the SAW

James Bond, the world's most famous spy always has so many different weapons and tools to help him out of every situation. Similarly agile teams that choose tools wisely are able to augment their success. A good tool may develop the team's as well as individual's skills, and help them realize their true potential. The precondition is knowing when and how to use the tool. This track will share the experiences about various tools and their use in practice.


Time - Tomorrow is a MYSTERY

Like that famous words in Kung Fu Panda, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery", software development, especially complex systems is like traveling to an unknown place. We need to know the destination and a possible way to get there. We may feel confused and frustrated as we seek to find clear direction. We know the future cannot be predicted, but we know it can be found step by step. This track investigates how we can find our way in complex projects, and embrace the wonderment and value that not knowing what tomorrow might bring.


Coaching - Teach a man to fish

How do you help a king who has bad stammer give and eloquent speech to his entire kingdom? It must be a very difficult mission. But, Lionel Logue did just this in the movie "King's Speech". He proved to be an intelligent coach, with great skill at looking deep into peoples psyche. He could help people dig out their true potential gradually. How can you be a coach like him? How can you help your team really understand the value of Scrum? This track will provide some insights.


June 24

    -8:45~9:00 Opening Address

    -9:00~12:20 Keynotes

    -13:20~17:10 Parallel Tracks (Value, People, Functionality, Quality)

    -17:10~18:00 Flash Talk

June 25

    -8:50~11:00 Keynotes

    -11:00~12:20 Open Space

    -13:20~17:10 Parallel Tracks (Process, Tools, Time, Coaching)


June 26~June 28: Certified Scrum Developer (Vernon Stinebaker,Steven Mak, Stanly Lau)



June 24

8:45~9:00 [Opening Address]Host: Bill Li (UPerform): From the community and for the community, the story of the organizers

9:00~10:00 [Keynote]Alan Atlas: Employee Performance Evaluation vs. Scrum: What Can We Do? What Should We Do? (English Speaking)

10:00~10:20 TeaBreak

10:20~11:20 [Keynote]Gerard Meszaros: Keeping Software Soft (English Speaking)

11:20~12:20 [Keynote]James Cundiff: Project Management and Agile (English Speaking)

June 25

9:00~10:00 [Keynote]Vernon Stinebaker (Perficient): Demanding Technical Excellence

10:00~11:00 [Keynote]Mike Beedle: Enterprise Scrum (English Speaking)


June 24

17:10~18:00 [Flash Talk]Flash Talk Host: Xu Yi (HP Shanghai)

June 25

11:00~12:20 [Open Space]Open Space Hosts: Yikuai Workshop & Daniel Gu from eBay


June 24:


13:20~13:30 [Introduction]Host: Dynesy Yuan (Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai)

13:30~14:20 [Speech]Daniel Gu (eBay): Reaching Singularity of Scrum Adoption-eBay's agile adoption story

14:20~15:10 [Speech]Lv Yi (Odd-e), Huang Hongqiang:Insights from one organization transformation as product owner

15:10~15:30 TeaBreak

15:30~16:20 [Speech]Wang Xiaoming (Minster Consulting): Agile Web development

16:20~17:10 [Speech]Julien Mazloum: The 2011 PO toolkit(English Speaking)


[Introduction]Host: Brenda Bao (OutSofting)

[Speech]Zhang Lin (Alipay): Influence, transformation tools

[Speech]Zhou Jingen (Glodon): Agile Individual


[Speech]He Haoming (Taiwan Yikuai Workshop): Appreciation type team work

[Game]Lu Kezhen (Taiwan Yikuai Workshop): Self Organization, the origin of exploring team harmony


[Introduction]Host: He Mian (Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai)

[Speech]Qin Qihui (ThoughtWorks): Agile with DSL

[Workshop]Bill Li and Daniel Teng: Story Mapping Workshop


[Speech]Gerard Meszaros: User Stories - The Whole Story (English Speaking)

[Speech]Zhang Gang (Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai): Technical Excellence, Alcatel-Lucent's agile adoption story


[Introduction]Host: Jacobson Zhang (Irdeto) 

[Speech]Lance Kind: Rolling out TDD across the Enterprise, a case study from an agile consultant (English Speaking)

[Speech]Erik Petersen: Mistakeproofing and mistake minimizing design (English Speaking)


[Speech]Wang Lijie (OutSofting): Quality Policy in Aigle Development

[Speech]Terry Yin (Nokia-Siemens): The Common misunderstanding of Silverlight Testing 

June 25:


13:20~13:30 [Introduction]Host: Wang Xiaoming (Minster Consulting)

13:30~14:20 [Speech]Yang Rui (NetDragon): NetDragon experience sharing, continuous integration in game development

14:20~15:10 [Speech]Ai Yongliang (Tencent): Agile's innovation, Tencent's agile adoption story

15:10~15:30 TeaBreak

15:30~16:20 [Speech]Yuan Mai (Perficient): Best Practices for Mobile Development

16:20~17:10 [Pair Speech]Victor Zhang, Kevin Li & Li Feng (Autodesk): Comparison of 3 development processes with experience – Waterfall, Scrum+XP, and Kanban Process 


[Introduction]Host: Xu Yi (HP Shanghai)

[Speech]Larry Cai (Ericsson) : Agile & Tools

[Speech]Sam Tong (Perficient): Burn Down Chart Tells More


[Speech]Lu Ning (Baidu): Your tool box for agile improvement

[Speech]Johan Bengtsson (Ericsson): Key Principles of Successful Test Automation in Agile - Experiences from Ericsson (English Speaking)


[Introduction]Host: Ethan Huang (EA)

[Speech]Ethan Huang (EA): Managing requirement/User Stories under fixed-fee contracts

[Speech]Qian Anchuan (Tencent): How to use Agile under the schedule pressure


[Speech]Li Zhongli: Slow Agile Transformation

[Speech]Vernon Stinebaker (Perficient): Better Software Faster — Scrum: For Business


[Introduction]Host: Daniel Teng (Independent Consultant)

[Speech]Mike Li (Autodesk): How does a ScrumMaster convince boss and remove organization impediments - a true stor

[Speech]Lv Xinke (Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai): Scrum Master - A Helpful Inquiry Leader(


[Speech]Stanley Feng (Ericsson): Culture difference in agile adoption

[Speech]Mao Lemin (Taiwan Yikuai Workshop): The essence of NLP



Pls try to register online (http://scrumgathering.mymova.com/register. The registration items are bi-lingual.) Or send us your registration information to scrumgathering.cn (at) gmail.com.


Pls contact: scrumgathering.cn (at) gmail.com.

Ticket Price: 

$ 250 USD (2 days' conference + lunch)

$ 500 USD (2 days' conference + lunch + 2 night hotel accommodation)


Venue: Shanghai Huating Hotel

Venue address: http://scrumgathering.mymova.com/location